As Pakistan and China arranged the Afghan Foreign Minister’s visit to Oslo, Norway, to meet with European Union officials, the Afghan population in Italy held a protest against the Taliban and Pakistan in Rome’s Piazza Dei Santi Apostoli, shouting anti-Pakistan slogans on Sunday. In the protest, the demonstrators were demanding that their nation be governed by a democratically elected government held up banners calling for sanctions against Pakistan. The Afghan community in Italy has also demanded that money that has been frozen in the United States be released. Additionally, protesters shouted anti-US and anti-Pakistan sentiments during the rally.

As per ANI, Kaihan Mashirqwal, who is the president of the community, led the demonstration. The rally drew about 30-35 people, with 4-5 women among those who took part. Four prominent Afghan speakers in Italy, including one woman, condemned Pakistan’s meddling in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. The demonstrations drew attention to recent tensions along the Durand Line, as well as a shooting incident involving Afghan and Pakistani forces.

ISI interfering and controlling Taliban leaders

Protesters also condemned Taliban officials for burning an Afghan musician’s musical instruments. It also brought up the subject of ISI interfering with and controlling Taliban leaders while administering a supposedly independent country. Ahman Yasir, who demonstrated a protest in Norway stated that the Taliban has not changed and that they’re just as vicious as they were in 2001 and before.

The Taliban has implemented a slew of restrictions, ever since it came into power in August, many of which are intended at women, who have been barred from working in professions other than health and education. Due to the lack of schools, high school girls have been confined to their homes. The Taliban have been accused of targeting human rights organisations and journalists, detaining them on various occasions.

Suspension of funds

In the meanwhile, the Taliban has been repeatedly asking that the US relinquish its almost $10 billion in assets and that Afghanistan be linked to global trade. The United States’ freeze of Afghan central bank assets, as well as international financial institutions’ suspension of funds, has caused a banking crisis in the country and brought the Afghan economy dangerously close to collapse.

Image: ANI