Nepal-China ties get a ‘happy’ boost with new leftist PM

The rise of a veteran Maoist leader to become Nepal’s new prime minister is likely to inject “more momentum” into the country’s China ties while also checking American influence in the region, analysts said, after communist parties came together on Sunday to oust the previous US-aligned government. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, more popularly known as Prachanda – […]

China Wins Nepal Again

The Nepali Congress emerged as the single largest party winning 89 seats in the recent General Elections in Nepal to elect the 275 members of the House of Representatives; 165 members from single-member constituencies plus 110 members from a single nation-wide constituency. The five-party alliance led by the Nepali Congress […]

Pro-China Prachanda returns as Nepal PM for 3rd time

Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Centre (CPN-MC) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ was on Sunday appointed Nepal’s new Prime Minister, after the former guerrilla leader dramatically broke away from the five-party ruling alliance led by the Nepali Congress, ending the political uncertainty after last month’s general elections failed to produce a […]

Window to Nepal

The incoming Nepali government is a serendipitous opportunity that must be handled with care and even distance; no talks of ‘interference‘ (as often murmured) must be allowed. There will be occasional speed-breakers that must be spared condescending and coercive innuendoes, as the immediate past of the last seven years must […]