Kathmandu, Nepal: China trying to damage Nepal’s elations with other countries. It id playing a special role in damaging the relations with US.

Nepal publication Khabarhub has obtained a highly confidential report that reveals a “covert eleventh-hour involvement of a Chinese intelligence agency” to stop the US’s grant assistance, Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact Compact from getting passed in Nepal.

“The document states that China is ‘playing a role’ in souring Nepal’s relations with third countries, particularly with the United States, and is currently actively propagating, lobbying and spending against the MCC,” the Khabarhub’s report read.

The confidential report mentioned a Chinese national who is involved in crafting the anti-Millennium Challenge Corporation in Nepal.

Chinese national Ning Lin is involved in anti-US activities. The 50-page document has over 5 pages of details about Lin, “including his activities, connections, contacts, mechanism, names of Nepali leaders and journalists.”

“Our months-long investigation has confirmed that he (Lin) is from the MSS and that the details will be made available to top government officials soon,” the source told Khabarhub, insisting anonymity.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an innovative and independent US foreign assistance agency that helps in curbing global poverty.

This comes at such a time when the passing of the United States grant assistance Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact is yet to be agreed upon. Meanwhile, involvement of a Chinese intelligence agency to stop the Compact from getting passed in Nepal was revealed, reported Khabarhub.

Reports show that the Chinese official belonged to the province of Hubei and possessed two passports.

Khabarhub quoted an intelligence officer from Nepal as saying, “We are simultaneously monitoring the patterns of foreign intelligence activities, its methods, modus operandi, and what Chinese intelligence is doing here is absolutely unacceptable. We have kept a record of increasing political meetings between Chinese diplomats and intelligence officials in recent months, and we are aware of their motives. However, their influence and advice to Nepali politicians in internal affairs are alarming.”

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