The United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met a Chinese Communist Party Political Bureau member and Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi in Zurich, Switzerland. During the meeting, Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi urged the US administration to not interfere in China’s internal matters, according to ANI. He called on the Biden administration to not intervene in internal matters involving Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and their maritime issues.

China urges the US to not interfere in internal matters

Sullivan and Jiechi had a ‘constructive meeting’ on common concerns related to global and regional issues, according to ANI. The two sides underscored to take measures in order to strengthen ‘strategic communication.’ During the meeting, Jiechi called on Washington to respect China’s sovereignty, security and development interests. He further urged the US to not interfere in matters related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, their human rights and maritime issues.

The two sides agreed to handle differences, avoid conflict and look for mutual benefit. Sullivan and Jiechi also underlined to work together to bring back US-China relations to ‘steady development,’ ANI cited Global Times report. “China opposes defining China-US relations as competitive, urging the US to truly respect China’s sovereignty, security and development interests by presenting its solemn positions on #Taiwan, HK, Xinjiang, Xizang, human rights and maritime issues,” ANI quoted Jiechi as saying.

The White House in their statement informed that during the meeting, Sullivan raised issues where the US and China have a common interest and they can work together to address ‘vital transnational challenges.’ The statement further stated that the National Security advisor raised concerns over Hong Kong, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Xinjiang and human rights. Moreover, Sullivan asserted that the two sides will continue to work for their national interest and would engage at senior level with China to have “responsible competition.”

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, during her press briefing said that Washington remains concerned by the People’s Republic of China’s ‘provocative’ military activity near Taiwan. Furthermore, Psaki said that the Chinese military activity is destabilising risk miscalculations and undermines regional peace and stability. She asserted that the United States commitment to Taiwan is ‘rock solid’ and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and within the region.

“We urge Beijing to seize its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan, and we have an abiding interest in peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” Psaki said in the press briefing. “That’s why we will continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self-defence capability. We maintain our commitments, as outlined in the three communiques, Taiwan Relations Act, and the Six Assurances,” she said.

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