The Party’s Party Is All About Xi

China’s tech-savvy commissars don’t really need real-life parades to celebrate the party’s centennial. With digital effects and 22,000 spectators filmed by drones, Beijing’s centennial extravaganza at the National Stadium on Monday evoked Chinese triumphs through elaborately choreographed scenes playing out onstage and onscreen: engineering marvels, space probes, precision fireworks, submarines, […]

China Accuses EU Of Imposing ‘unacceptable’ Preconditions On Visit To Xinjiang Province

Amid rising concern over the widespread forced labour, China has now accused the European Union (EU) of imposing “unacceptable” preconditions on a visit to Xinjiang province. According to ANI, the Chinese mission to the EU said that Beijing has invited diplomats from the EU and its member states posted in […]

Rattled By Quad, Pakistan PM Imran Khan Rules Out Rethink On China Ties Amid US ‘pressure’

On Tuesday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan claimed to have resisted pressure from the US and other Western nations to downgrade ties with its “all-weather friend” China. Speaking exclusively to China’s English-language state broadcaster China Global Television Network (CGTN), he admitted that Pakistan was rattled by the growing clout of the […]