Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan’s Balochistan’s coal mines faced a explosion in which few workers got kissed and some were trapped.

Several laborers trapped and allegedly a few killed following an explosion that happened inside a coal mine in Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Sunday.

The laborers were working inside the mine in the Marwar area of the provincial capital of Quetta when the explosion happened due to the accumulation of toxic gas inside the mine as reported by Xinhua.

Rescue operation to retrieve the trapped miners is underway. These Coal mines are infamous for occasional blasts in which many people have lost their lives.

Meanwhile, in March, several worker unions also took out a procession against the government following two different explosions in the province, killing at least thirteen people.

Despite Balochistan being rich in minerals and natural resources, it is Pakistan’s poorest province and regularly ranks at the bottom of the country’s socioeconomic indicators on healthcare, education, and population welfare.

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