London, UK: British Parliament witnessed Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) against the atrocities against Baloch people in Pakistan.

The demonstration was held on June 26 to commemorate the “International Day in Support of Torture Victims”.

Baloch activists and FBM members from the UK took part in the protest and highlighted Pakistan’s ongoing human rights violations against Baloch.

They shouted slogans like, “Stop funding Pakistan”, Freedom for Balochistan”, “We want Freedom”, “Terror state Pakistan”, “Stop supporting Pakistan”, and “Baloch want Freedom.”

The protesters said that thousands of Baloch are abducted and illegally held in the Pakistani military’s torture cells without any crime.

“The abducted persons are subject to inhuman and brutal torture by state forces. They are kept in appalling conditions for years and not allowed to see the sun even. The illegally detained persons are neither provided with any legal representatives nor allowed to have contact with their families. The loved ones of disappeared Baloch suffer even more than the disappeared persons because they don’t know anything about their relatives’ condition and well-being.”

Such degrading and appalling treatment of the disappeared persons come under crimes against humanity as per United Nations conventions and international laws.

Free Balochistan Movement activists have requested the civilised world and western democracies to help stop the ongoing genocide of Baloch people by Pakistan.

They also urged the international media to play their role to report the Pakistani state brutalities against Baloch people and the illegal occupation of Balochistan. 

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