The School of Mathematical Sciences of China’s Fudan University on June 8 said that Wang Yongzhen, Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Committee of the school, was killed, reported state-media Global Times. Shanghai police said that the prestigious university’s 39-year-old teacher with the surname Jiang allegedly stabbed a Chinese official with a knife and was arrested on Monday. The CCP official killed in the incident is Yongzhen, 49 who was Jiang’s colleague. The Communist Party official reportedly died at the scene.

As per the report, the police has revealed that Jiang claimed that he had a grudge against the CCP official due to work and stabbed him. The Chinese state media also stated that the incident took place on the Fudan University campus which is located in Handan Road in Shanghai. The educational institute’s School of Mathematical Sciences also posted condolences for the CCP official killed by its teacher. The authorities reportedly also said that Wang’s death for a ‘great loss to the school.’ In a bid to mourn the Fudan University murder, the website is turned to black and white. Jiang has reportedly admitted the guilt.

Fudan university murder in 2013

The latest incident at Fudan University came after a murder took place inside the same campus back in 2013. As per the Associated Press, in one of China’s most prestigious universities, a graduated student had positioned his roommate following a dispute in 2013. The CCP official, such as Wang who was killed by the professor, are reportedly ubiquitous on Chinese campuses. As per AP, they are mainly responsible for ‘maintaining ideological purity, preventing the dissemination of Western concepts of human rights and free speech, and ensuring students and faculty remain loyal to the party.’

Both murders in 2013 and this week took place in Fudan which is also ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities with great foreign connections. However, as per AP, Fudan’s connections with the Chinese Communist Party have triggered controversy. On Saturday, several thousand people reportedly rallied in Hungary’s capital against an agreement with the university to open a branch in Budapest citing both the cost and relations with china’s authoritarian leaders.