Beijing Plans a Slow Genocide in Xinjiang

An expert’s point of view on a current event. Beijing Plans a Slow Genocide in Xinjiang In January, the U.S. government determined China’s actions in its northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region constituted genocide against its Uyghur ethnic minority population. Four other national parliaments have since followed suit. These determinations were […]

Philippines Lodges Diplomatic Protest Against China’s ‘illegal’ South China Sea Presence

The Philippines, on May 29, launched a diplomatic protest against China’s “continuing illegal presence and activities” near its Thitu islands. In a press statement, the Filipino Foreign Ministry confirmed that it was objecting “against the incessant deployment, prolonged presence, and illegal activities of Chinese maritime assets and fishing vessels” in […]

Pakistan’s Press Enters a Dark Era

News and analysis from India and its neighboring countries in South Asia, a region home to one-fourth of the world’s population. Delivered Thursday. Pakistan’s Press Enters a Dark Era Welcome to Foreign Policy’s South Asia Brief. The highlights this week: Pakistan tightens the screws on anti-establishment journalists, India’s economy suffers […]