A group of women in Nepal showed their husbands that they can not only share their burden but also shoulder them!
In a unique attempt to raise awareness on gender equality, these Nepalese women participated in a race, carrying their husbands on their backs. A video of the event has now gone viral.
The event, organised by the local authority to mark International Women’s Day, was held on the grounds of a local school in Devghat Village on March 8.
According to news agency ANI, the 100-meter marathon had 16 couples participating across age groups and localities. Adding, the participating couples handed certificates to each other at the end of the race.
“Through this event, we want to send out a message that women also are capable and are no way less than men when it comes to strength and psychological well-being,” Durga Bahadur Thapa, chief of the village council which organised the event, told ANI.

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