The reconstruction work of a Dharmashala at Budhlkantha began with Indian assistance in Kathmandu on Thursday, according to the Embassy of India in Nepal.
Deputy Chief of the Embassy of India to Nepal Namgya C Khampa and Sushil Gyawali, Chief Executive Officer of National Reconstruction Authority of Government of Nepal jointly laid the foundation stone for the reconstruction of dharmashala at Budhlkantha Temple, Kathmandu.
Reconstruction of the dharmashala at Budhlkantha is third of the 28 cultural heritage conservation and restoration projects being undertaken with a reconstruction of Nepali Rs 5800 million committed by the Indian government for the cultural heritage sector.
All the 28 sites were identified by the Nepal government and both India and Nepal signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard in August 2017, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated.
The Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) is the implementing agency. The dharmashala at Budhlkantha is expected to facilitate the visit of pilgrims and tourists visiting this sacred temple.
“It is India’s endeavour, our common endeavour with Nepal to restore, to preserve and protect Nepal’s rich cultural heritage for future generations,” said Khampa.
“The cultural, social, religious links between India and Nepal are as old as time itself and we see it not only as duty and responsibility but also as our immense privilege to be able to contribute in the celebration, protection, and preservation of these cultural links which we share and these monuments and temples that are a testament to our rich civilization and cultural traditions that both countries and both people hold dearly,” Khampa added.
The event was attended by Swami Nigamananda, Mathadhish of Temple, Laxman Khadka, Chairman, Budhlkantha Management Committee and others.
India has been working with Nepal for the restoration of cultural heritage projects in past too. We have long cultural similarities, cultural heritage to preserve for the future generation, the MEA said.
Earlier in November 2019, the Mathadhish building for Budhaneelkantha temple built under India’s development cooperation scheme at a total cost of Nepali Rs 22 million.
(With inputs from ANI)

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