Nepal has stopped importing all kinds of poultry products from India after a recent outbreak of bird flu has been reported in some of the neighbouring countries.
The ban came into force on Thursday, officials said.
The Nepal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has directed all its offices to stop the import of poultry products from India, which is the primary market for the multi-billion poultry industry in the Himalayan nation.
The Ministry has instructed all local offices and quarantine checkpoints to remain vigilant and to stop the import of poultry products. It also urged local authorities to stop the open trade in poultry in the vicinity of the Nepal-India border.
There are several other borders, as well as points of entry between Nepal and India, through which, in addition to poultry, other items also come freely.
“It is very difficult to check the import and exports of all trading items in this time of urgency between Nepal and India because the countries share a long open border and is not possible to deploy officials to check the malpractices that take place in bordering areas,” a senior Nepal government official told IANS.
The bird flu cases have been detected in more than a dozen states including Kerala, Gujarat, Haryana and Bihar since the past one week.
Shree Ram Ghimire, spokesperson at the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that only certified poultry products are permitted to be imported inside Nepal.
Nepal has set up 16 quarantine centres across the Nepal-India border on the Nepali side and told them to gear up to stop importing poultry products, Ghimire said, adding as of now, no single case has been detected in the Himalayan nation despite a surge in the bird flu cases in India.

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