Raman Paudel
Kathmandu: On Friday, Nepal crossed the mark of one Lakh COVID-19 cases, and, according to the Ministry of Health, the death toll surpassed 600. Including Five Advisory Teams and 76 Officials (Security Forces and other staff) from the Nepal PrimeMinister Office tested positive for Covid-19.
On Saturday, PM KP Oli’s Political Advisor Bishnu Rimal, Press Advisor Surya Thapa, Foreign Affairs Advisor Rajan Bhattrai, and Photographer Rajan Kafle notified through social media that they had tested positive for COVID-19. They also asked all friends and relatives who had been contacted to stay safe and take proper precautions.
‘According to the PCR test, I also tested positive yesterday. I would like to request all those who came into contact with me in the past few days, please take care of yourself,’ Rimal wrote on Twitter on Saturday.
Meanwhile, PM Oli’s Press Advisor, Thapa, also informed through twitter of him being positive of COVID and asked for health awareness and preventive measures, especially those who came into his contact in past days.  
Amid this, 28 Army officers, 18 Armed Security Units, 21 Policemen, and the 3 National Investigation Bureau, including 5 Advisory Teams, tested positive. The majority of the 45 workers report will be released tomorrow.
After the unexpected positive reports of coronavirus in the office of PM KP Sharma Oli, all scheduled meetings are canceled for the duration of the incident. As far as the officials are concerned, new security personnel will be deployed to the PM office.
According to Dr. Jageshwor Gautam Health, Ministry of Health and Population, 1,680 people who had previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 had recovered from the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing a total of 73,023 to Friday. Nepal’s recovery rate was 72.5 percent until Friday.
With the festive season on the doorstep, local markets across the nation are crowded with shoppers and thousands of people set out to flee their capital, there has been increased fear of virus spread in various districts.
The Ministry of Health has asked people to stop traveling for this festive season warning that it would be a significant mistake on the part of the public.
Nepal had 27,053 active cases until Friday night, with the capital Kathmandu hosting over 12,000 active cases. Meantime, Bhaktapur has more than 1100 cases and Lalitpur has more than 2,000 active cases.

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