On Friday, the Nepal Council of Ministers passed an ordinance against acid attackers amending the Criminal Offence and Criminal Procedure Act, which will take the form of a law after ratification by the President.
“If a person dies due to acid attack, then the culprit will be awarded a life sentence and in case the victim is injured or body parts are damaged, then, the culprit will be handed over with 20 years in jail and a penalty of one million rupees,” Law Minister Shivamaya Tumbahangphe told ANI.

The National Criminal Code of the Himalayan Nation already has a provision in the law of a life sentence in case an acid attack victim dies. The new ordinance which tends to criminalized acid attacks has broadened the criteria of penalization for the perpetrator.

As per the new ordinance, if a person sustains injuries over the eyes, ears, nose, face, breast and private parts then the attacker would be sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. 

In case, the attempt fails then the person would be charged with “attempting acid attack and disintegration” and if proved guilty then, they would face a sentence of 10 years.
If the victim loses sight of both eyes, loses hearing capability, burns on the nose permanently damaging or causes significant dysfunction, harm to the face, burns the breast or permanently damages it in due course of the attack in the case of women, or permanently damages or damages private organs, the person responsible for the loss or harm will face 20 years of imprisonment and one million years of imprisonment.
Harm to one eye, ear or hearing loss in one ear, burn on the side of the face, burn on either side of the breasts in case of permanent dysfunction of the breast, burn both hands or legs or cause damage to the head, burn part of the head or damage to the body and inflict severe damage to the spine or permanently damage to the part of the body, then the perpetrator is sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison.
In case a person encounters any sort of physical damage or harm as a result of an acid attack, then the perpetrator will be handed with a 5 to 10 years prison sentence and a fine of Rupees one lakh to five lakh. In case the acid attack attempt fails then the attacker would still be found guilty and would face life imprisonment extending to 10 years and 5 Lakhs rupees as a penalty.
The ordinance also has mentioned the later death of the acid attack victim which states that the late death of the victim also would be accounted as murder and damage on other body parts would be decided during the hearing and penalize the attacker. A new ordinance issued by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli administration also has ensured free of cost treatment for victims of acid attack and also has put a ban on collecting funds in the name to help the victims.
(With inputs from ANI)

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