Nepal and China are entangled in the border line due to the alleged construction by China of 11 buildings in the remote Lapcha-Limi region, border district of Humla.
Humla district, claimed to be Nepal’s own territory. Previously, there was a border pillar in the region to prevent such instances, but when Nepal constructed a road in the area a few years ago, the pillar was lost.
As per reports, China has constructed 11 new buildings in its territory of north border area with Tibet, also claimed that the constructions were carried out on the Chinese side of the border (as their territory). 
Bishnu Bahadur Lama, President of Namkha Rural municipality-6, Limi Village stated,  ‘Chinese officials claim  that the construction built in Lapchaa border, area 2 km far from the border is basically for business purpose, with no negotiation from the Nepal’s representatives regarding this,’ media reports. 
‘I have been trying to speak to Chinese officials about this matter these days, but no one is in proper contact,’ added Bishnu Lama.
The matter has been referred to the home ministry of Nepal. According to media reports, both sides had talks in the disputed region, but the Chinese side had told Nepalese representatives that it was “their territory,” which is why the talks could not be held there.
Nepal’s home ministry has ordered a team to perform an inspection of the municipalities of Humla and Namkha and to submit a report by the end of the week.
It is not the first time houses are being built on the Chinese side of Nepal ‘s territory. Just 11 years ago, three buildings were built on the Limi-Lapchaa highway only on Nepal ‘s land. Meanwhile, the citizens of Nepal have been restricted to visiting the region by Chinese officials for years and years because of the security concern. 
‘Only the Chinese security personals visit this rural area with Chinese vehicles,’ said Lama.
According to local officials  distance between Chinese made 9 houses and pillar no.12 of Border is 1 km but pillar no.11 is lost from years, confirmed Paljor Tamang, President of ward no.6, Namkha rural municipality,  “pillar no. 11 was collapsed long back.”
During a meeting between the two sides in 2015, Nepal and China had agreed to ascertain the location of the missing pillar, but no further steps were taken on the matter, media reported. Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu said that the buildings were constructed on the Chinese side of the border.
Arjun Bohara, a local journalist says that Local people of Limi village had raised the voice for their collapsed pillar but none were addressed by the government till date. 
However, Humla District Chief District Officer Chiranjibi Giri assured that he would take prompt action on this issue. He stated that he’s going to search the border pillar and track Chinese activities in the border region. Adding concern over safety said that security forces would be deployed for observation as a primary operation.
This also raged the citizens of Nepal as, a group of people staged a demonstrated in front of the Chinese embassy in  Kathmandu on Wednesday afternoon against the land encroachment. Demonstrators held placards and banners reading #BackOffChina, the activists chanted slogans such as “Return Nepal’s land” and “stop Chinese expansionism,” media reported. 
Picture Source: BW Businessworld

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