Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made preparations to reshuffle the cabinet for which he has started consulting party insiders, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office and Prime Minister’s Secretariat confirmed to ANI.
Oli is set to discuss the matter with party secretariat members and apprise the ministers on board, an official with the Prime Minister’s Secretariat assigned with task of preparing proposals for the meeting said.
“Order has come in to include a topic amongst the agendas for discussion. The Prime Minister will discuss this issue with Secretariat members as well as inform ministers on board to prepare for the decision,” the official confirmed. Another source in the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Oli has asked all ministers to compulsorily attend the cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon, though the reshuffle is expected to take place in the coming weeks.
“All the Ministers as well as the Ministers of State are asked to attend the cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon, wherein the Prime Minister has planned to inform all the ministers about it. As the list is yet to be finalised, he would just bring up the issue on the table today,” the source said.
The ministers have been called for the cabinet meeting at 4 pm (local time) at Prime Minister’s Residence in Baluwatar. Prior to this, a Secretariat meeting of the party was called at 9:30 am (local time).
Before tabling the proposal for the reshuffle, Oli has been holding consultation with close aides and ministers about possible changes.
Tensions have been high within the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), with party leaders criticising Oli for his unilateral decision-making habits and controversial statements.
A task force has been formed to resolve disputes within NCP, amid growing calls for Oli’s removal from the posts of Prime Minister and chair of the party.
Duties of the task force formed in consensus with the party leaders are also expected to be fixed in the cabinet meeting today. 

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