Nepal’s government has imposed partial lockdowns in different parts of the country with the growing number of COVID-19 cases since the lockdown was easing.
The Home Ministry issued a list of 14 districts on Wednesday afternoon that will be held under partial to full lockdown as cases of Coronavirus infection and fatalities continued to soar.
As per the issued list, a total of six districts will be facing a complete restriction in movement while eight would remain under partial lockdown.
“This decision has been made on the basis of reported cases in particular districts. It will be eased on the basis of the number of cases recorded in the coming days. Likewise, it can be extended in some depending situation in coming days, both would be decided on by local bodies on the basis of necessity,” Chakra Bahadur Budha, spokesperson at the Ministry confirmed ANI.
 As per the list issued by ministry — Saptari, Sarlahi, Syangja, Parsa, Bara and Banke districts — would remain under complete lockdown. Sarlahi, Parsa and Bara have been kept under restriction for an indefinite period while Banke will remain under restriction till August 8, Saptari till August 10 and Syangja till August 7.
Dhanusha Districts Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan and Chhireshwornath Municipality will remain under restriction till August 9. The local body of 5 localities of Nuwakot District has decided onto imposing restriction for an indefinite period as cases were detected in the area.
Likewise, the Morang’s Biratnagar Metropolitan City has imposed restriction till August 14, Mahottari’s Jaleshwor Municipality and Mahottari Village Council will remain under complete lockdown till mid-night of August 5. The Marma Village Council of Darchula will remain, until further notice, under complete control. The municipality of Jhapa Birtamod will remain under lockdown for an indefinite period while the municipality of Arjundhara will remain under restriction until 6 August.
Sunsari’s Barah Kshetra Municipality’s Ward number 6, 7 and 8 will remain under lockdown until further notice while Bajhang’s Thalara Village Council’s Ward no. 5 and Kedarshiun Village Council Ward number 6 and 7 will remain under complete restriction till August 16.
Nepal on Wednesday reported a total of 381 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, as per the daily briefing held at Health Ministry. With a total of five casualties has been reported in the last 24 hours, the COVID-19 has increased to 60.

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