Agriculture and Livestock Development ministry officials admit they’re still confused about how the lumpy skin disease came into Nepal. Recently, hundreds of cattle infected with the disease have been born in Province 1, Province 2, and Bagmati.
The disease causes fever, swelling in the limbs and multiple lymph nodes on the skins of the animals. This disease causes the cattle to reduce milk production, and slows the overall physical growth, resulting in economic losses for the farmers.
While some of the cows and buffaloes have already died in Province 1 due to the disease, according to Dr. Banshi Sharma, Director-General at the Department of Livestock Services, the ministry is unable to figure out how the virus entered Nepal.
“Yes, the disease has been confirmed here, but we are surprised about its presence here,” Dr Sharma says, suspecting some sick animals might have transmitted the disease to Nepal. However, Sharma claims it was not possible to import any cattle from other countries during the lockdown. Further, the officials are not certain as sometimes mosquitoes can also transmit this disease.
Sharma also blames the lockdown for the unavailability of sufficient information about the disease’s impact in the country, claiming the department, however, was researching the issue.
Meanwhile, stakeholders say the clue less behaviour of the officials also exposes the failure of 18 animal quarantine offices set up at various border points across the country.

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