The local government in the capital, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has made it compulsory for all schools within its jurisdiction to create a 100-mark local course for each class from Grade 1 to Grade 8 from the next academic session.
The KMC says the course would bring the history and culture of the city to the new generation. In particular, the curriculum will teach students about festivals, traditions and rituals, arts and crafts, local businesses, moral education, Kathmandu geography, health and sanitation, languages and scripts.
“The curriculum will be taught in the local language, Nepal Bhasha,” Chunda Bajracharya, the KMC Curriculum Committee chief stated, adding local contents cannot be taught in other languages. “The Education Committee in the KMC is endorsing the curriculum. Once it is endorsed, textbooks will be prepared,” media reports.
There are 92 government-run and 640 private schools in the city.

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