Talks will be held between the Champawat district officials and the bordering Kanchanpur, Nepal, on the issue of the encroachment of Nepalese citizens on “no man’s land” near the Indo-Nepal border in Tanakpur, said Lokeshwar Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP), Champawat.
The official further said that the concerned authorities in Nepal had already been made aware of the situation and they had carried out a survey of the pillar number 811, the location in question. “We had held talks with the concerned authorities in Kanchanpur district, Nepal over the situation at pillar number 811.
 We raised our concerns, they surveyed the area around pillar number 811, a talk between the district officials from both India and Nepal will be held soon and all the concerns will be shared with them,” Singh told reporters on Tuesday.
 Earlier last week, Nepalese officials had assured that the plantation drive in the no man’s land on the border area near Tanakpur will be stopped. “A plantation drive was started by Nepalese citizens in the Tanakpur border area.
Local authorities had spoken out against the matter. Regarding the same issue, a meeting was held with officials from Nepal on Thursday,” Lokeshwar Singh had said on Friday. The Champawat SP said that Kathmandu officials assured Indian officials that the plantation drive will be stopped at the India-Nepal border area.
Earlier on Thursday, a meeting was called by the Indian officials after reports of Nepalese encroachment at the border surfaced. Earlier, an Indian national was injured after Nepal police opened fire at three Indian men near the India-Nepal border in Bihar’s Kishanganj.
The police said that the incident took place at the border area in Fatehpur of Terhagachh block in Bihar’s Kishanganj district.

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