Nepal, entangled with its traditional friend India after being wooed by China, has now raised objections to the construction of roads and barriers in India.

Nepal has argued that the roads and dams of India are causing flooding in its area. While the reality is that many parts of Bihar are submerged by the water from Nepal. The waters of the rivers Gandak and Kosi are also increasing continuously.

According to local media in Nepal, the Oli Government sent objections to the construction of roads and dams by sending diplomatic notes to India. The local newspaper quoted Ravindra Nath Shrestha, Secretary of the Nepal Ministry of Irrigation, as saying that the Nepal Ministry of Foreign Affairs had sent a diplomatic letter to India in this regard, objecting to construction near the border.

The letter also called for a meeting of the Joint Committee on Flood and Water Management to be held soon every year between the two countries.
Nepal’s objection is unfounded. The truth is that Bihar has to face floods every year because of the water coming from Nepal. Also, the waters of the rivers Gandak and Kosi are increasing continuously, reports.

The Nepal Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Bharatraj Paudyal, told the newspaper that diplomatic letters had been sent between the two countries on any necessary issues. There’s nothing new about this. Both countries are in a position to resolve any issue through mutual negotiations.

The Director-General of the Irrigation Department of Nepal, Madhukar Prasad Rajbhandari, will represent Nepal in talks with India and Nepal. Recently, Nepal’s Home Secretary, Ram Bahadur Thapa, said at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee that a natural disaster had occurred in the southern part of the country as a result of India’s intervention. Thapa blamed India for building border structures.

According to sources, he claims that India has blocked the flow of water and, as a result, various parts of Nepal are facing floods. In the same month, the DM of Nepal Rau threatened to demolish the dam. If this happens, the catastrophic floods in Bihar will become a threat.

Bihar Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha said last month that Nepal has stopped repairing all the river banks in Bihar along Indo-Nepal border.

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