Chinese efforts to create instability in neighbouring countries have become a source of concern for India. In particular, given the way China has invaded East Ladakh, changes in Bangladesh and Myanmar will have to be monitored.

Huge Consignment of Chinese Weapons

The dragon has helped the militants in Myanmar a great deal and is not hidden from anyone. Major General Tun Tun Nyi of the Myanmar Army told the media that the Arakan Army and its affiliated groups had bought weapons from China.

There has recently been a large shipment of Chinese weapons to militants. Myanmar’s army chief said in gestures during his visit to Russia that ‘some strong forces’ are promoting terrorism and extremism.

China-Pakistan Nexus Revealed

The Sino-Pakistan nexus was supplying Chinese weapons to two Myanmar militant groups. The motive was to attack Indian bases in Rakhine. The group was promoting terror not only in Myanmar but also in Bangladesh. This was exposed when some people were caught from the Thailand-Myanmar border.

They got stock of Chinese weapons. These weapons are said to have been made by a Chinese state-run company. Zakheera was entered into Myanmar via the Parva on the India-Bangladesh-Myanmar junction via Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar.

Why is it a Matter of Concern For India?

Neither Bangladesh Army could hold the group carrying the weapon, nor the coastal patrols. Those people did not even come into the eyes of the border guards.

The whole planned operation seems to be going through dense forests, the way they deliver weapons. The Kachin Independence Army, an ally of the Arakan Army, is active in an area that borders Myanmar with China and India. Especially Arunachal Pradesh, which China has been claiming.

Many militant groups in the North-East have connections with China. Tensions between India and China could increase the mood of these militant groups to take any direct action to take advantage of the situation.

In Rakhine, Insurgents Continue to Put in Place Indian Projects

On 10–11 March, the Arakan Army attacked a Myanmar army post and killed 20 soldiers. The Arakan Army, established in 2009, seeks independence from Rakhine State. They repeatedly impede the road to the port of Sittwe. India’s Kaladan project site in Rakhine has been attacked several times by militants. Their proximity to China shows that they have not tried to harm the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC). The supply of Chinese weapons to them is a matter of concern for India.


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