A joint Nepal and India survey team looked at the Dasgaja area with a global positioning system that showed that an embankment had been constructed on 200 meters of invaded land in the Dasgaja area by the Indian side.

India built a 10-meter-high embankment 20 years ago in Banjaraha, Municipality of Ishnath, Rautahat. Each year, land on the Nepali side is inundated during monsoon due to the dam. Locals had been pleading with the government to demolish the embankment repeatedly.

Nepal and India, a joint survey team, measured the land with GPS, and marked the land at 11 places with iron pipes. The survey showed India had encroached about 200 meters of ground.

Rajendra Singh, 62, a local, said the embankment built by India unilaterally from the east to west had been inundating Banjaraha village. Singh complained that locals on the Nepal side are affected by inundation for three months during the monsoon every year.

Locals say they are forced to bear loss worth millions due to flood and inundation caused by the embankment in Dasgaja area, local media reported.
After relentless efforts from the Nepali side, India’s Anurag Kumar and Nepal’s Umesh Kumar had measured the land and installed pillars at 11 places three days ago.

The survey showed that around 200 metres land in Dasgaja was encroached and a dam was constructed by India. Following the decision from the higher authorities, the Indian side has pledged to vacate the land after the rainy season is over.

Rautahat CDO Basudev Ghimire said that a joint team of surveyors had demarcated the border in Dsagaja area. The Indian side has admitted its mistake and pledged to remove the embankment but the deadline has not been fixed for the same.

Ghimire issued a directive to stay connected with the other side of Nepal’s security forces and take appropriate steps to vacate the encroached land, The Himalayan Times reported.

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