Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has claimed that some forces are trying to oust him only because he redrew the country’s political map.

He urged the Delhi based news media for the evidence for those efforts. Oli even said that efforts are being made to remove him from power without naming any country or group. However his gesture seemed to be India as he claimed activities from the embassy and hotel.

While speaking at an event to commemorate the 69th birth anniversary of Nepal communist party leader Madan Bhandari at the PM office. Oli said some Nepalese leaders were also involved in the game to remove him from the power. “But this won’t be a success,” Oli claimed.

“I did not commit any mistake by claiming our land, I tried to back our land not others, and I didn’t intervene in other’s land, but Nepalese leaders are also in the game to oust me immediately,” says Oli.

The Nepal govt now completed the process of redrawing the country’s political map through a Constitutional amendment, incorporating disputed land with India, Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura.

Oli also said that he had been quiet from the government after he signed the trade agreement with China. But he claimed that no one can remove him due to the two third majority vote in parliament. Last days Oli, who is also a chair of Nepal communist party, has been criticized over his absence in party standing meetings without information.

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